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Criminal Defense

Facing state or federal criminal charges in South Florida is an incredibly stressful experience, regardless of whether it is your first arrest or if you have been through the justice system several times before. You are up against the overwhelming power of the government, and you need a lawyer who can aggressively defend your rights every step of the way.

We Are The People Law Group proudly fights for those who find themselves in the government's crosshairs. With a team of former prosecutors, we understand how prosecutors think and what gives them pause about the strength of their case. Our firm's goal is to try and have the charges dropped before they are filed.

What To Do If You Were Arrested In South Florida

If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Miami or South Florida, your freedom is literally on the line. Immediately after your arrest, the government will begin preparing its case against you.
You should do the same by reaching out to a Miami criminal lawyer.

We Are The People Law Group understands that up until this point, no one has listened to you. Police did not ask for your side of the story or maybe did not investigate the case at all. Law enforcement may not have respected your constitutional rights and maybe even physically abused you.
Our firm not only wants to hear your side of the story, but cares about it too.

What To Do If You Were Arrested In South Florida - Handcuffed
Types of Criminal Cases That We Handle. - Lawyer Desk - Scales of Justice. Law Firm

Types of Criminal Cases That We Handle

We Are The People Law Group routinely handles all types of federal and state criminal cases, ranging from first-time misdemeanor arrests to serious felony allegations.

A few of the most common types of cases we handle include:

  • Drug possession and drug trafficking offenses

  • Gun crimes

  • Domestic violence allegations

  • Theft crimes

  • DUI offenses

  • Probation violations

  • Juvenile offenses

  • Violent crimes

  • Sex offenses

  • White-collar crimes

Regardless of the charges the government has brought against you, We Are The People Law Group can and will help.

Why You Should Hire We Are The People Law Group

When prosecutors bring criminal charges, they do so with the full force and nearly unlimited resources of the government. That being the case, it is incredibly important to retain an
experienced criminal lawyer in Miami to help you defend against the charges. We Are The People Law Group takes the following steps:


  • Aggressively work to get you out of jail by immediately contacting a bondsperson

  • File Motions to Set Bond or Reduce Bond

  • Diligently investigate your claim by interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene, and gathering evidence

  • Strategically develop a compelling defense

  • Persuasively request quick court dates to expedite the process

  • Skillfully litigate pre-trial motions to suppress evidence or statements

Above all, we are available when you want to talk and will listen to you. Our firm recognizes how stressful these processes can be, and we are here for you. We believe that the strongest defense starts with our clients. If you have input, we wants to hear it. If you have questions, we want to answer them.

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How To Handle A Probation Violation In South Florida. - Probation Meeting

How To Handle A Probation Violation In South Florida

After a conviction, a sentence of probation may feel like a major victory. And certainly, probation is better than incarceration. At the same time, those on probation deal with many restrictions on their freedom, some of which may not be entirely clear. And if a probationer takes one step out of line, they may face a violation of probation hearing.

South Florida probation violation hearings can be just as serious as picking up new criminal charges. If a judge finds that a defendant violated their probation, the judge has a few options:

  • Reinstate or continue probation

  • Modify the terms of probation

  • Revoke probation and resentence the defendant

The goal of a violation of probation hearing is to avoid the judge finding you in violation. While the government does not need to prove a violation beyond a reasonable doubt, they still need to show that the defendant violated a term of probation. Our firm aggressively represents clients facing probation violations, helping to keep them on probation and out of jail.

Accused Of A White Collar Crime?

White-collar crimes are very different from the other offenses most criminal defense lawyers handle. Allegations of white-collar crime are complex, and many criminal lawyers are ill-equipped to handle these cases. Yet white-collar crimes can carry extremely serious punishments, affecting a business and its executives in their individual capacity. We Are The People Law Group handles state and federal white-collar criminal cases.

A few of the most common types of white-collar cases we handle include:

  • Identity Theft

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Cybercrime

  • Corporate Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Securities and Commodities Fraud

  • Embezzlement

Unlike other areas of criminal law, the subject of a white-collar criminal investigation will often know they are under investigation. This gives those under investigation an opportunity to help clear things up or, in some cases, make things worse for themselves. Armed with a detailed knowledge of white-collar criminal practice and the experience to back it up, Our firm confidently defends clients facing the most complex charges.

Accused Of A White Collar Crime? - Insider Trading, Money Laundering, Corporate Fraud, or Cybercrimes.
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